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The LEGALCARE  services are available throughout the U.S. and encompass: 

 ¨ HELPLINE: Unlimited toll free access to LEGALCARE’s helpline. All that a participant need do is call for assistance. Should the participant have legal questions or would like to obtain legal advise, he or she may speak with a “helpline” attorney over the telephone. Our legal “helpline” allows the caller  to speak by phone with an attorney to obtain legal advice, information and answers to questions on their business, professional and/or  personal legal concerns or problems (excluding any issue pertaining to their relationship with you)

There is no limit to the number of times a participant may call and speak to a helpline attorney or the length of time the caller may spend on the phone with the attorney. 

To avoid conflicts of interest, should the caller decide he or she needs to retain an attorney, the helpline attorney may not undertake any legal work for the caller.

 The caller will never be billed for helpline services by LEGALCARE or the helpline  attorney.

¨ REFERRALS: Should the caller need to retain an attorney, we will refer the caller to an independent attorney who is near the caller’s home or workplace. The referral attorney will provide a 30 minute free initial consultation and thereafter a 25% discount from the referral attorney’s normal rate. 

 LEGALCARE utilizes independent, unaffiliated attorneys throughout the U.S. to serve as helpline attorneys and referral attorneys.

We will be pleased to provide you with utilization reports to fit your needs within appropriate state bar rules on confidentiality.